About Us


Stylists/ owner

Deserias Nichole created Butterfly Lash Lounge in 2013, having a background in healthcare and cosmetology she was determined to keep similar concepts. Deserias Nichole understands the importance of the small things in beauty but also keeps health at the center of every service. She is a proud Houston, Texas Native and Texas girl at heart. She is an beauty educator and inspires stylist to be their best by offer healthy lash services.  


Butterfly Lash Lounge

Established in 2013 "A healthier way to Lash" as our core concept, with health and beauty in the forefront. Butterfly Lash Lounge was started in a one room suite and has since expanded. We believe beauty should have the same concept as health care therefore we have adopted some of the same healthcare core values. Services should be accessible and affordable. if you look good you feel good, we want to make sure we are contributing to the well being of an individual. Eyelashes can be so small but yet rewarding. The butterfly represent the end stage after surfacing from a transitional stage. Our key mission is to help you transition into a butterfly. 


Butterfly Lash Lounge & Academy

The Academy is design to give stylists and students a 360 experience. Butterfly Eyelash extension training is an extra education, in which, it trains stylist to be able offer eyelash extension services. This 360 training offers insight to the eyelash extension industry, with intense hands on training, and with an optional 1 month internship. We believe education should be number one, therefore we chose to invest in all of our students ,with hopes that they will investing in their clients by educating them about service expectations. Butterfly Lash Academy trainer has 6 years of experience. She has helped founded an eyelash extension program for another beauty school by creating their core curriculum and laying out the foundation to their program. After investing in other companies/schools our trainer started Butterfly Lash Academy at Butterfly Lash Lounge. creating a program that is fail-proof. Butterfly Lash Academy currently partners with other schools in Texas to launch their training program. We are proud of our accomplishments and will continue to grow.