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Classic eyelash extension training

What is butterfly lash classic Eyelash Extension training?

• Eyelash Extension training is offered to licensed stylists, licensed beauty professional, and students who are working towards a licensed beauty program 

• Eyelash Extensions are single strand lash extensions attached to the natural lashes 

• Butterfly Lash classic training is a hands on technical course that gives a better understanding on the eyelash extension application process 

•this is a technical training with a completion of classic eyelash extension certificate training, and does not guarantee you a job 

• Butterfly classic eyelash extension training is not a licensed training, you will not obtain a license after completing a two day training, this training does not count towards any license program hours, nor do we report hours to state licensing departments

• this training can be taken for pleasure, in the event you take class but don’t meet state requirement, you may or may not be able to service clients for pleasure or profit, please check with your states department of licensing 

* students are tested on day two, those students who aren't able to pass test will be offered a follow up test and after successfully passing test then they may receive their certificate of completion

Who can take this course

This course is recommended for licensed beauty professionals, students working towards a beauty license program. Please check with your state to ensure you have all requirements meet in order to offer services. If you take this course before obtaining required license, please plan to enroll in a licensed program in the near future 

Enrolled cosmetology/esthetics students

• currently, we work with students who are enrolled in beauty school throughout Texas

• Enrolled students receive $50 off training courses

• 1 month post training internship included in training or post beauty school graduation is available after students successfully passes state board

current deals

• Enrolled beauty students receive $50 off two day training course

• students must bring student permit to receive discount\ or student permit # with id

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• makeup course

• photography course